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Land Clearing Service of LIberty Hill, Texas

Land Clearing Austin Texas

Mass Clearing & Grading

It is often that upon purchasing property for any development, that there is clearing and grading required to plan and utilize the property.

We can help with eliminating all unwanted growth, removing small brush to large trees.


On small jobs of one acre to clearing hundreds of acres for development.

We have the means to clear and dispose of your unwanted tree debris.

We offer tub grinding, large capacity haul off and on site controlled burning.


Mulching Head Machines

Is this what is right for what you need?

With so many options and different companies offering land clearing, this type of clearing is becoming more and more common in the marketplace.

It is very important to note that this option uses a machine that is designed for a specific purpose, that is to reduce brush to mulch and suppress any regrowth of vegetation.

This means that there will be a thick layer of mulch on the ground preventing grasses from regenerating upon completion.

If you are looking for grazing or pasture finish, this is NOT a good option.


Haul Off

With most projects needing materials hauled away, we are equipped to dispose of your clearing debris 100 yards at a time.


This being more than twice the capacity of the largest roll off dumpster available, our fleet offers far superior efficiency in terms of capacity.

With this we are able to offer more efficient timelines completing your project faster.

Tub Grinding

Select Clearing 

With so many large beautiful hardwood trees and property lines, it is simply necessary to to do smaller clearing areas more delicately. 

We offer select clearing that does not require large machines, and that renders the clean finish look you want in close areas you need cleared.

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