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My experience overall went well. I was pleased with the outcome of the service. The staff was friendly and professional. They were great with the clean up afterwards. The only issue was they promised to send me the receipt online, but I never received it. However, I would recommend this company to others.


R Michael Ziegler Jr

Austin, TX 78729-1940 

Our landscaping was very overgrown and needed someone with some heavy firepower to get it back into shape.  The Hisey crew came out and did a detailed estimate with photos so that we were very clear on everything, and scheduled the work to be done a few days later.  On job day, we had a crew of about 5 or 6, and they worked on our property for about 2-3 hours, so there was a lot to be done.  They did a great job getting everything back into shape, and worked hard not to get anything into our pool.  They did a great job cleaning up afterwards, and took all of the debris with them.  I would definitely recommend them to a friend!
In all, we had 6 trees (~20' tall) and five beds with lots of hedges/shrubs.  Everything looks great!

​Chad Parsons

CEDAR PARK, TX 78613         


Hisey Company cleared 3 acres for us. They were the lowest bid, and far exceeded expectations. They had over 20 employees on site for 2 days, and worked very hard. I could not be happier with output.


John J, Georgetown, TX

I looked for a company to help us improve our property for months, all I found was contractors and unqualified one man shows. We chose Hisey because they brought all of our options to us. Our shopping around stopped with Hisey.


Gerry Richards

Georgetown, TX 


Hisey trimmed two large oak trees and did a preventative treatment for oak wilt


Member Comments: 

I hired a low cost tree guy who came through the neighborhood.    THey scalped my trees, but luckily they survived. The next year I hired Hisey to do they job. They were a little more expensive, but I know the job was done right. They were punctual and finished in under a couple hours.


John Black

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