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Lot/Cedar Clearing Company

Types of Land Clearing Service: ​ Brush Shreading with Multching Head Machines: This form of land clearing is very common for clearing and cleaning lines of sight for right of ways. Beacuse this process leaves all of the multching debris on the ground in the cleared area, it is great because it prevents the growth of vegetation in the cleared area. We want to point out that if you intend to do any post clearing development or planting you will need to remove this debris for anything to grow or before you build anything. ​ Hand Clearing: With Hand Clearing you are getting a cleaner more finished looking service. All tree debris is cut by hand and either mulcthed or stacked and hauled away. This process is not the most cost effencient for large clearing projects, however it is oftentimes the most desired for areas around living areas and leaves the cleanest apperance after completion. ​ Skid Steer/Bobcat Clearing: Bobcat clearing is a great option for small projects usually smaller than a couple of acres, depending on the density of the brush to be cleared and if the brush is to be removed or disposed of on site. This option is a ground desturbing option that often leaves bare ground upon completion of the clearing. ​ Dozer Scraping, Excavator Grubbing, and High Volume Tub Grinding. For projects clearing large volume of trees, these options are usually the best options as they are far more effecient and cost effective than other previously referenced options. ​ We offer all of the above services and can provide costing estimates for comparison and consideration. Click here for a map.
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